cranky (cranky) wrote,


This dude opened his car door and jerked off at me when I was walking my dogs this morning. He stopped about 1/2 a block in front of me as I approached a quiet neighborhood intersection. He flung open his driver door to reveal his naked bottom half, hung his left leg out the door, and gave his dick several swift tugs. Then he drove away. He was sly. I never got a look at his license plate, and he was just far enough away that I couldn't recognize his face in a crowd.

Apparently he's been making his way around this side of town over the past week. Based on where he's been and what he's been doing I think he was driving my neighborhood looking for kids on their way to school. He had to settle for a grown lady... or maybe he'd already found some kids violate. What the fuck man? THAT is why I don't let my kids walk or ride their bikes around without me.
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