cranky (cranky) wrote,

Abby & Cora on a Monday in May 2010

The school year will be ending in a couple of weeks.

Abby is finishing 2nd grade, although she's about six feet tall, reading complicated adolescent sci-fi novels and pretty much tells me to fuck off to my face when she's in a bad mood. She's grown seeming in a lot of ways, but also makes it clear that she likes being a kid and wants to be a kid for the rest of her life. Parenting Abby is turning out to be way more interesting than anything I could have imagined.

Cora is finishing kindergarten. She likes to capitalize on her young adorableness. She is explicit in her interest: NO MORE BABIES in our house. She is the youngest, smallest, cutest. Period. And she really is. Cora is also smart. She pays close attention. Sometimes I'm caught off guard when I realize just how much she gets. She also reads. She reads me chapters from Ramona Quimby books at bedtime, which is indescribably awesome for me.
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