cranky (cranky) wrote,


What the hell? We're under a black cloud over here.

Cora got a stomach virus Tuesday, February 23, then the chickenpox Friday, February 26. She had those until the following Friday, March 5. Now Monday, March 8 she's lethargic with a headache and fever.

Abby's been seen by several doctors and is now scheduled for a battery of medical tests Friday to answer some troubling questions about her hormone balance.

Ken broke his foot in some mysterious way, got a boot and prescription for pain meds but has in the meantime become immobilized by a gout flare up of epic proportions. He's totally laid up.

I mean seriously. Does this all have to happen at the same time? We have jobs to keep and dogs to walk and taxes to file and cars to inspect.

at least I found our most recent tax return
and it's cool beautiful breezy March
and yoga feels good
maybe i just need a good night of sleep
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