cranky (cranky) wrote,

Saturday crazy

Today's attitude - not so great. I'm finding that Saturdays consistently make me crazy. I even woke up and went to weed the garden at the school this morning. It should have set me up for an optimistic outlook for the whole day

But by 2pm I was preparing for my usual Saturday descent into crazy where I get myself all whipped up about all the shit I'm not getting done - taxes, outdoor projects, cleaning, exercise, self-improvement, volunteer work, conquering fears, eating better, being a nicer mom, dressing better, buying fewer clothes, making good on my to-do list from the last 6 months, planning for the future... what the fuck?? Then I turn on my family and make them all think about the things THEY'RE not doing, too. I find that the crazy is totally contagious, so be careful.

We did manage to install a dog shit disposal to our sewer line today. And maybe that's enough.

Now I'm going to watch TV and eat ice cream... with liquor in it.
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