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bitch mom

I'm totally back on coffee after stopping for a month or so. I stopped as part of this cleanse in which I stopped (but in reality, reduced, because I'm not so disciplined) a number if things - caffeine, alcohol, sugar, animal products, and wheat. The cleanse was interesting. I felt pretty good. I enjoyed not having coffee for a while. Mostly I enjoyed the way I felt so much more chill with my kids. Coffee makes me high strung, and high strung equals bitch mom. But I love it too much to stay away. Work is definitely more productive with coffee. Although, not today, it seems. As I sit here journaling...

Fall is good. We made it through the summer, and Abby and Cora are both in school. We no longer have two out of control puppies. Now they're slightly less out of control young dogs. I'm successfully making my way through teaching my first graduate level class at UT. Ken and I are both still employed. Broke, but employed, so yay. Halloween is around the corner. We'll do some fall camping soon.

We went to Costa Rica this summer. That's why we're broke. But what a time we had:
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